Halloween Recap

Last night marked 13 years (we think) of celebrating Halloween at Cheap Charlie’s. What a great time. So many costumes, so much energy. Our fans are the best, thank you so much. We got a good bit of it recorded, so look for a posting sometime soon of this show. Its dedicated to Bert and Ernie… and that’s all I gawt to say about thawt.

Next gig… Rochester bound.


Barn Bash ’09

What a nutty night. Rains came, power amps blew, and we had just enough equipment in the car to scab together a makeshift PA inside. Thanks to all who hung in there and for your unconditional support. There were many diehard BJ fans in the crowd and you were fantastic. Thanks also to Devall Music, 40 Rod Lightning, and the rest… and, of course, Ben Beavers. One for the record books…

Our next show is on 10/24 in Williamson. Details to follow. More shows are being booked in Buffalo, Corning, Rochester, and hopefully Ithaca, so stay tuned.

Summer Gigs

Its been a great summer so far. The Flour City Brew Fest had fantastic attendance and we appreciate the time you all took to talk to us during and after the show, letting us know how much you enjoyed it. Thanks to Larry and all at Rohrbach’s for staging this great event. Hopefully we can be on board next year as well.

Coming up next is a semi-private party for a couple hundred of Bloomfield’s finest on the 29th… then a Sunday afternoon show at the Roost to benefit breast cancer research… that’s on the 30th.