Winter Update

Mix of Blue Jimmy Live CD

We’re brushing up the final mixes for our live album. It’ll include a dozen of so tracks from across our past 4 albums, all recorded live at various locations we frequent. We’d like to think of it as scrapbook of sorts, a collage of some great memories playing out for you. Hey, every band needs a “Greatest Hits Live”, don’t they?

Next show is on Jan 26 at Mickey Finn’s in Victor, NY. We’re also happy to announce a couple of dates at Sticky Lips Juke Joint in Henrietta, one of our fav rooms. We’ll see you there on Feb 22.

(pssst, hey… this is Mike, hijacking Brian’s post… maybe he was too modest to mention it, but he forgot the little detail that he recently won the Best Musician category of the 3rd Annual Best of Ontario County Awards. Way to go BMan! We’re way proud of you! — Click here for the full listing.)

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