Thanks to all who came out to our show at Abilene in Rochester this past Friday. And thanks to the kindly patrons—it’s always great to make new friends. To those who haven’t had a chance to check out Abilene, it’s highly recommended. There is a continuous flow of top-notch Americana, Alt.Country Folk and Blues acts that come through there every week. Check it out.

A shout out to Jon Itkin, who kicked things off with a fantastic solo acoustic set. Jon moved back to Rochester from NYC earlier in the year, and what a great addition to the regional music scene he makes. Crafty lyrics, a deep sonorous vocal style, and heartfelt delivery. Check out one of Jon’s shows or recordings soon.

Many thanks to Nick Young, who put the show together. Unfortunately he was not able to perform, because of an ongoing battle with that nasty-ass H1N1. Nick is building his energy back up for his road trip back down to Nashville to continue work on his new CD. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for details on the release—Nick is an incredible songwriting talent and you don’t want to miss this new CD.

Oh, and thanks again to Scott Regan, host of “Open Tunings” on WRUR 88.5FM. We had a lot of fun on his Thursday show, and we hope to be back on the air again soon.

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